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Stay on top of your app’s quality in the lab and during in-the-wild testing. The Applause SDK closes the feedback loop between app creators, testers and users, ensuring high-quality apps. With build distribution, in-app bug reporting, automated crash reporting and in-app user feedback, this easy-to-install SDK works seamlessly with your existing workflows to show the information you need, when you need it.

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Over-the-air build distribution

Ensure your testers are spending their time evaluating the newest version of your app and not wasting time with outdated code. The Applause SDK automatically keeps your testers up-to-date with the latest build of your app, ensuring they’re focused on the version that matters.

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In-App Bug Reporting

Reporting bugs from mobile apps can be cumbersome and frustrating. That means you're potentially unaware of crucial issues that go unreported. With the Applause SDK, bug reporting is easy. Your testers can instantly report issues directly within the app, quickly sending you screenshots and additional details about the app and device state. Plus, with our advanced logging technology, you can add your own tracking info to each bug report.

Automated Crash Reporting

Nobody likes it when their apps crash, but with the Applause SDK you will never be caught by surprise when your app breaks. Each time your app crashes, the Applause SDK will record all the app and device state details, tracking them for you online.

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In-App User Feedback

When your customers offer feedback, it’s important to listen. But with mobile apps, soliciting feedback can be a challenge. The Applause SDK makes it easy to get feedback from your users directly within the app. So when your users have something to say, they can tell you directly.

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What You Get

In the Lab

The Applause SDK gives you control and confidence that your testing is producing real results. You can tell at a glance who has tested your app, on what devices and for how long.

In the Wild

When you combine the Applause SDK with Applause Testing Services, you combine the data gathering power of the SDK with the testing skills of the global community of professional testers.

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In-the-wild testing helps you feel confident that your app will work in the hands of all your users by moving a portion of your testing out of the lab and into the real world.

"Before the Applause SDK, we might spend 10-20 minutes capturing a bug and taking screenshots. Now it takes a minute. Sometimes I can report a bug in under a minute."