Management Team

Management Team

Brad DePew

VP of Sales - West

Brad’s football career ended long ago so now he channels his focus and competitive passion to winning in the market.

Tom Gleich

VP of Sales - East

Tom can make himself well-understood in Finnish, somewhat in German, and occasionally in English.

Luke Damian

VP of Customer Strategy

Admittedly the worst loser in the company, there isn't a challenge that Luke is not out to win.

Pete Blair

VP of Marketing

While he may be a professional communicator, no one on Pete’s team gets his movie references. He thinks that’s odd. They just think his taste in movies is bad.

Sanji Alwis

VP of Business Development

As a rabid Michigan football fan, Sanji's business development plan consists of recruiting Denard "Shoelaces" Robinson. To date, Sanji has been unsuccessful in convincing Applause to pay Shoelaces' $450,000 salary.

Mark Holland

VP of Delivery

Mark owns a motorcycle, has a blackbelt, crushes Octoberfest and writes stock trading systems in his free time - he's also somehow able to fabricate "more time".

Chris Munroe

VP of Delivery Transformation

A native Canadian, Chris understands that most problems can be solved by a formidable third line and aggressive forechecking.