Fully Managed Services

In your pursuit of a quality, flawless digital experience for your customers, you’re not on your own - Applause will partner with you every step of the way, offering best practices, guidance, and project management capabilities. No matter how large your project is, you have an entire solution delivery team dedicated to ensuring your success.

Members of Your Applause Team

Project Manager

Project Manager (PM)

An assigned Applause project manager is your main point of contact and handles all aspects of testing and community management. From setting up test cycles and assembling custom test teams, to providing feedback, suggestions, and best practices, your PM is always just a phone call or email away.

Test Team Lead (TTL)

A senior member of our testing community who handles all in-cycle management tasks. Every test you run will have a TTL who works closely with both the PM and the testers, triaging issues and ensuring that every bug reported is in-scope, understandable, and not a duplicate issue.

Test Team Lead
Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Your CSM ensures that you get maximum value out of your relationship with Applause. They’ll answer any account or performance questions, review results on a monthly basis, and make suggestions on how to better utilize your subscription.


Working With Applause

Listen to Realtor.com’s Director of Consumer QA talk about working with their Applause delivery team.

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What You Get


Test Setup/Execution And Test Team Assembly

Provide your project manager with a test scope and they will take it form there. We invite the testers that match your requirements, across any demographic, device types, and location, ensure participation in the test cycle, and make sure that the entire process runs smoothly.


Issue Triaging

Duplicate issues, missing attachments, and unclear reproduction steps create noise and waste your time. With a Test Team Lead, Applause ensures that each test cycle generates results that you can immediately consume and resolve, without noise.


Recommendations And Best Practices

Every new engagement starts with a kickoff meeting where you meet your PM, define your objectives, and chart a course of action. Drawing on years of experience working with thousands of customers, our PMs and TTLs do more than just execute – they provide feedback and suggestions to help streamline and improve the performance of your testing on an ongoing basis.


Constant Communication And Reduced Overhead

Applause partners with and extends your team, providing as much or as little interaction as you need. You can expect regular phone calls, email exchanges, or Slack messaging, same-day responsiveness, monthly scorecards, and polished results that your team can act on.

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Questions on how we fit into your processes and extend the capabilities of your team? Contact us to learn more.

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“We have a weekly call with [our project manager], and the great thing about Applause is that they’re very responsive – if I want to talk to the PM twice a day, I can, if I want to talk to him once a week, I can. Our Test Team Leads are fantastic, very responsive.”

- Dave Arguelles,
Director of Consumer QA, Realtor.com

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