Load Testing

There is such a thing as too much success in the digital economy. When faced with slow load times or crashes, many customers will consider swapping for a competitor. Applause offers a range of load testing services that can ensure your app or website can handle your biggest day.

Scalable Load Testing

Scale your load testing with Applause to uncover the bottlenecks and find the top-end of your product's performance.

Scalable Load Testing

Quickly and easily scale your tests from a few thousand users to tens of thousands. Load testing with Applause and BlazeMeter will help you find and fix performance bottlenecks, get a performance benchmark and understand the capacity capabilities of your app from every angle.

BlazeMeter's infrastructure exists entirely in the cloud, meaning no expensive proprietary software or hardware to maintain.

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Load Script Creation

Our performance engineers create custom load scripts so you don't have to invest the time and money to become load scripting experts.

Load Script Creation

Don't have load testing scripts or the power in-house to create them? Don't worry. As part of our comprehensive load testing services, the load and performance testing experts in our community will create custom load scripts to meet your testing needs.

Scripts are created using JMeter, a powerful and respected open source platform that doesn't lock you into a proprietary tool. The scripts are yours to keep and use however you want.

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Expert Analysis

Applause performance engineers will interpret your test results to provide you with valuable insights and actionable next steps.

Expert Analysis

Load and performance testing can result in a lot of information. That's why we provide expert performance testing engineers who will analyze the raw data and provide you with actionable insights to help you improve the performance of your application.

You also get complete access to all scripts, data, reports and results at the conclusion of the test.

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How It Works

Applause load testing services give you the confidence that your website or app can withstand the pressure of real world use. With Applause, you’ll get access to expert performance engineers who craft custom Apache JMeter™-compatible load testing scripts to meet your specific requirement. Those test scripts are yours to keep.

Your performance engineer will execute your scripts on our cloud-based infrastructure that allows for flexible and expansive scaling, while also coordinating with your internal team. After the testing is completed, your performance expert analyzes the raw data and provides you with the most important and actionable insights that pinpoint performance bottlenecks.

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What you Get

Applause has your load testing needs covered. From test script creation, to test execution and management, to expert analysis of the results, we have your back through the entire load and performance testing process to help you create apps and websites that will stand up to high demand.

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  • On-Demand Load

    Our solution provides the scalability to execute load testing on-demand without the burden of expensive proprietary technology. Not only will Applause give your site or app a complete load workout, we'll also deliver a full report outlining the performance testing results and how to overcome any load issues.

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  • Custom Script Creation

    Our performance engineers will craft custom load scripts, emphasizing the features and functionality that matter most to your users. And we'll leave you with all scripts, data and results at the conclusion of your load testing engagement

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What It Costs

Getting started with Applause is more affordable than you may think. Contact us to discover how Applause can help you test your load efforts.

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Load Script Creation

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"We were having some problems with the system and couldn't determine the source of the bottlenecks. uTest helped us create and monitor real-world scenarios so we could see precisely where the trouble was occurring."