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Jive Software, the world’s leading provider of enterprise collaboration solutions, produces mobile apps that help its world-class customers be the most productive regardless of where they are working. But as the mobile ecosystem expanded, Jive found it harder to keep up with limited in-house resources.

Bogged down by regression testing and a limited collection of in-house devices, Jive quickly ran into roadblocks, said Martin O’Brien, Senior Director of Engineering at Jive.

“We’d fall behind on new features because we were doing all that compatibility testing.”

Jive needed better testing coverage, something that could handle its native iOS app and the legacy web apps used to support Blackberry and other devices. By shifting the burden of device compatibility testing to Applause, Martin’s team is now able to focus on the quality of specific features and automation development which resulted in higher-quality products overall. “We’re now getting to market faster and finding issues faster,” Martin said. “Overall, app quality has improved.” More importantly, the faster pace and broader testing coverage has helped Martin and his team find in-the-wild bugs before they disrupt users.

“We thought the app was in good shape, but when we threw it out to uTest (now known as Applause) they found many issues: Crash issues, network latency issues where the app would be on a slower network and how it would respond, memory-device combinations that would result in crashes or hangs,” Martin said.

Martin’s team started looking forward to Applause cycles. When they felt an app was in good shape, they’d launch a test cycle with testers in various locations on a range of devices. “They felt that getting a wider audience with different device sets to try the app provided better feedback and constructive criticism,” Martin said.

Making Testing Easy

Adding Applause to Jive’s QA process not only brought more issues to light and gave Jive’s development team more time to focus on critical issues and features, it made it easy for Martin to manage the overall testing process. Applause's level of customer service made the testing process run more efficiently and effectively.

A dedicated Applause Project Manager served as the “middle man” between Jive and the Applause testers. Martin contacted the project manager whenever he was ready to run a test cycle. Together, they would determine the scope and purpose of the cycle and the PM would prepare the proper documentation to guide the testers. Applause's work continued as bug reports began flowing in.

“There’s internal bug triaging going on within the uTest (Applause) cycle, so I didn’t get bogged down with that,” Martin said.

By having a better idea of the issues apps encounter in-the-wild and access to a wider range of testing options, Jive’s release process is running smoother and the company is producing better apps its customers can always rely on. “uTest (Applause) gives you the ability to look at your app and see it from an outside point of view,” Martin said. “That’s very useful.”

"uTest (Applause) gives you the ability to look at your app and see it from an outside point of view
-- Martin O'Brien, Senior Director of Engineering at Jive