From Israel to the World – Israeli Apps Loved By Users In Other Countries

Israel Has Created Apps That Deliver More Than Functionality to the Global Apps Economy.

For a country of 8 million people, Israel has had some impressive apps on the market, almost always landing at least a few on the latest “best apps of all time” list.

This is good news for innovation in Israel, because in today’s economy, your app is the gateway to your brand. Your apps need to work great and make users happy – the first time and every time. That’s because in the hyper-competitive apps marketplace, users have abundant choice to find the best apps and there are literally zero switching costs. If users have a bad experience with app A, they’ll move on to app B.

Also, the lines between nations are blurring, or falling altogether, and the apps economy is becoming increasingly more global. For many innovators in Israel, that means taking their app from Israel to the world.

That’s why for this report we took a look at what global users think of apps coming specifically from Israeli companies. What do users in other countries think about Israel’s apps economy? Top Israeli apps have user profiles that span borders. Most of the companies behind these apps are intently focused on driving worldwide adoption and usage. We wanted to better understand what makes these apps so popular.

There are a few key factors that make an app popular, including the star ratings, reviews, and the cultural impact and reach of the app. However, it’s hard to translate the cultural impact of apps using those metrics.  That’s why we tapped into our Mobile Sentiment Analysis tool to see what actual users in other countries say are the top rated Israeli apps.

The Top 15 Israeli Apps:

90min – Score: 88 – iOS, Android*

Provides the most social and engaging football tracking experience possible to cater to a socially driven market. Users call 90min “amazing” and an addictive, highly recommended way to experience favorite football clubs.

Drippler – Score: 84 – iOS, Android

Content discovery app that inspires people to make the most of their technology through personalization. While users enjoy the beautiful design and recommend it as a fun app, they rave about the content recommendations.

Waze – Score: 80 iOS, Android

Leading GPS navigation app bought by Google in 2013 that allows users to report issues and choose fun pop culture voices. Users call Waze ‘fun’ and ‘useful’ and the best way to avoid traffic – ‘a must have for all drivers!”

Facetune – Score: 80 – iOS, Android

Photo editing app that lets every user become professional photographers. Named a ‘favorite’ app by many users, Facetune is a fun, easy-to-use app that is worth the purchase.

Medisafe – Score: 80 – iOS, Android

Receive custom alerts and organize all of your medication details in one place so you never miss a dose. Users love how easy and convenient it is to use the app. It makes tracking multiple medications, a piece of cake.

365Scores – Score: 79 – iOS, Android

Live match tracker gives users the most up to date information on their favorite teams from around the world. Fans give this app high marks across the board, calling it a favorite app for tracking sports.

Fooducate – Score: 76 – iOS, Android

Learn more about what you eat and how to improve behavior to lose weight and get healthy. This app makes food tracking and weight management fun and easy to do!

Magisto – Score: 71 – iOS, Android

Creates professional level movies right from your device using your everyday videos and photos. This beautiful app is making it fun and easy for users to create short videos. – Score: 69 – iOS, Android

World’s favorite task management app that allows you to manage everything all in one place. Users love this app, calling it a beautiful, easy-to-use app for keeping themselves organized.

Viber – Score: 68 – iOS, Android

Free call and texting app that allows any Viber user, on any device, in any country communicate with each other. Users describe Viber as being an easy and useful way to communicate. – Score: 67 – iOS, Android

The most advanced caller ID that identifies incoming calls even if they are not in your device and protects you from spam. Sync ‘makes life easy’ for users, quickly letting them see who is calling them.

Pirate Kings – Score: 66 – iOS, Android

A fun addictive mobile game that lets you hunt for treasure, challenge your friends, and seek revenge. This cute app is described as fun and addictive – and a great way to pass the time!

ooVoo – Score: 65 – iOS, Android

Connect with up to 12 friends in this group video chatting service. ooVoo is a ‘very fun and easy way to text and video chat with one or more friends or family members.’

Glide – Score: 64 – iOS, Android

Live video chatting from anywhere that allows for lightning fast conversation. Glide makes video chat fun and enjoyable, and a recommended user favorite.

Onavo Count – Score: 61 – iOS, Android

Track everything your phone is doing and better understand your data and battery usage. Users say the app tracks data accurately and is easy and quick to use.

Users Favor Speed and “Addictive” Experience

Applause analyzed how the mobile sentiment of popular Israeli Android and iOS apps performed around the world and what made them stand out to their users.  After careful examination of the apps from the Applause Mobile Sentiment Analysis tool we found that they did have a few things in common. These top 15 apps all tend to have high satisfaction, usability and performance ratings.

When users review these apps they use key trigger words such as “recommend,” “fun,” “favorite,” “enjoy,” and “addictive” to indicate their satisfaction level with the app.  Those that have high usability ratings have reviews with “easy,” “useful,” “simple,” “intuitive,” and “accessible.” Finally, you will see instances of “quick” and “fast” to show delight with performance.

Many of the apps were also described as “reliable,” “attractive,” and “beautiful,” but these key words did not seem to be the deciding factor on the quality of the app.

Users’ first preference when discussing app quality is to have a well-functioning, user-friendly application that works quickly. Being reliable and attractive are an add-on bonus.

A Deeper Look At Three Top Israeli Apps

The biggest standouts from the list based on the highest Applause mobile sentiment score and the highest volume of reviews were Waze, Drippler, and 90min. These apps significantly exceeded our average app quality score of 67.3.

Waze:  Engaging Navigation (81 iOS, 79 Android – 500K+ total reviews)

There was no surprise that Waze was near the top of the list since it is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world and was bought by Google in 2013. Waze does an amazing job of keeping users engaged with their app by including not only turn-by-turn guidance, but also the ability to report issues on the road and – for extra engagement – offering the option for “celebrity navigators” C3PO, Morgan Freeman, Stephen Colbert, and others.

Drippler: Custom Mobile Experience (82 iOS, 85 Android – 55K+ total reviews)

Drippler taps into the growing global interest in having extremely personalized content in all digital experiences. It suggests content curated specifically for the individual user such as new apps, features, updates, and accessories – all based on the user’s specific device and app profile, in order to create the best phone experience.

90min: Live Football (Soccer) News & More (91 iOS, 84 Android – 9.5K+ total reviews)

90min is an app that provides live coverage of your favorite football team while giving their 40M+ monthly users the social- and content-driven interaction they crave.

A Side Note About Three Popular Apps

Finally, we’d like to give a special nod to three apps that have had a significant amount of cultural impact but did not have particularly high rankings, or the most reviews. Regardless, they are important due to the effect they have had on our global society. It’s also important to note, that while their overall scores are low, the strongest attribute for all of them in the eyes of consumers is usability, which is in line with many users’ preferences.

YoiOS, Android

A hugely popular communication app that got its start by just sending the word “Yo”. Users would love to see improvements to the app’s stability to avoid crashes in the future, making their experience even simpler.

GettiOS, Android

A taxi hailing app with no surge prices and the guaranteed best rates in town. User’s believe Gett could improve by providing more reliable and experienced drivers, as well as more responsive customer service.

MeerkatiOS, Android

Revolutionary live streaming that lets your community experience life with you in the moment. User’s struggle with bugs in the interface and would like to see improved performance to make streaming easier.

Why this Report?

Applause wanted to shine a light on the Israel technology community and highlight its reach.  We also want to raise awareness that app quality is in part defined by users – and that for brands to deliver digital experiences that those app users love, app quality needs to be measured in the wild and ongoing sentiment needs to be monitored. Lastly, we think it is important to contribute to best practices when it comes to the quality of digital experiences. In terms of next steps, Israel is a continuously growing tech hub putting out great apps and developing strong companies. We look forward to seeing what the next big trend or discovery will be.

About Applause Mobile Sentiment Analysis

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*For this report the term “Score” refers to the average score in the Applause mobile sentiment analysis tool for the iOS and Android versions of each app. Listed scores for each entry are from the US app stores. Qualifying apps needed a minimum 1,000 reviews in the one non-Israel app store for the iOS and Android apps stores. Performance of Israeli apps in stores around the world – including The United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and South America – was examined in the compilation of this list.