iPad App Testing

iPad App Testing

When the iPad kicked off the “Post-PC” era, it introduced an entirely new set of challenges for mobile app developers. Consumers today expect their iPad apps to have a unique interface that fills their iPad rather than a repurposed version of an iPhone app.

And developers are listening, using the extra pixels to introduce new features and improve the user experience. With that decision comes an increased need for in-the-wild testing.


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Across All Versions

Whether your app is in your test lab or production, Applause can help you solve the unique challenges of testing your iPad apps, including making sure your app runs flawlessly on iOS 7, 8, 9 and 10, and on Retina and non-Retina displays.

UDID problem solving

Apple’s strict limits on the number of unique devices (and their associated UDIDs) has traditionally made testing with outside resources a major hassle for developers – until now.

With the Applause Platform iOS provisioning services, iPad app developers can eliminate delays associated with UDIDs. Our project management team has helped hundreds of companies get their apps to market faster and we can do the same for you.


iPad App Testing

Applause provides in-the-wild testing services that span the app lifecycle.


What It Costs

Find out how iPad app testing with Applause can fit into your budget with our interactive price calculator.

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"The complexity of mobile today makes it difficult. The landscape of what you need to test, you can’t do it in-house. You simply can’t cover the different use cases that are out in the market."