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Whether your iOS app is in your test lab or production, Applause can help you solve the unique challenges of testing your iOS apps on real iPhones and iPads. Within the Applause testing community, we have access to every device, OS release and carrier combination that you need to feel confident your iOS apps will work well in the real world.

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Coverage for Device and OS Fragmentation

While the testing matrix from Apple is a bit simpler than Android, you still need to be sure your app runs flawlessly on iOS 8, 9 and 10, on all screen sizes (with and without Retina-level graphics) and on a variety of Apple-designed processors. Research from Apteligent speculates that more than 20% of users are not running the latest version of iOS and roughly 70 million devices are still running iOS 8. For developers and testers who want their users’ digital experience to work flawlessly in all environments, this introduces a testing challenge.

iPhone and iPad App Testing

When the iPad kicked off the “Post-PC” era, it introduced an entirely new set of challenges for mobile app developers. Consumers today expect their iPad apps to have a unique interface that fills their iPad rather than a re-purposed version of an iPhone app. iPhone users want the rich digital experience available to iPads, but still with small-screen flexibility.

In addition, every OS release releases hundreds of OS-specific new features for apps to leverage, and those capabilities quickly become expected functionality in the hands of users.

With adaptive layouts driving development, multiple resolutions to account for and fragmented functionality between releases, the need to test iOS apps on a range of device and OS combinations with every release becomes critical.

iPhone and iPad

In-the-Wild Testing

Lab environments are places of perfect connectivity, limited devices and up-to-date operating systems. Sadly, that’s not the world your app is going to encounter outside the walls of your test lab.

Applause’s in-the-wild testing ensures your iOS app works well in real world situations:


On Real Devices

Emulators and simulators simply don’t cut it. Fingers on touchscreens are much different than mouse clicks, and real devices aren’t clean, well-maintained systems. But to house all the devices you would need for testing, you would need unlimited space and an astronomical budget.


On a Range of Devices

The number of mobile devices grows every day, bringing with it a range of screen sizes, resolutions, processing power and more.

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Connectivity changes with network and location, but you can’t mimic those fluctuating conditions in a lab.


Outdated Software

Not everyone regularly updates their mobile operating system. How does your app behave on older OS versions?

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Getting Started with Applause is more affordable than you might think. Contact us to discover how Applause can help you test your iPhone and iPad apps.

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"Our iPhone app was having issues in specific situations and was generating calls from customers who are really big fans of our web based application. Our app's performance was causing big pains for them, and in turn for us."

- Rafael E. Santos,
VP of Product, Rocket Matter

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