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Planning any kind of travel - vacation or business - needs to be easy, fast and on-demand, anywhere in the world. Making sure your travel website, mobile app or connected device works seamlessly around the globe means rigorous testing in real-world settings. With Applause, you can make sure your customers' experience is intuitive, accurate and secure, no matter where they travel.

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Travel & Leisure Challenges

Few things are as complicated as making sure your website, mobile app or connected device works seamlessly when a user walks into an airport in Dallas, then checks into a hotel in Dubai. Travel applications encounter challenges that most industries can’t even imagine. Challenges like:

  • Seamless functionality around the world
  • Accurate GPS and geolocation readings
  • Easy, intuitive usability for rushed travelers
  • Localization that makes sense to native users
  • Secure authentication for tickets and reservations
  • Serving timely push notifications
  • Smoothly transitioning across networks and towers
Choosing Airline Seat On Phone

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How Applause Helps

Recreate Travel Scenarios

With testers using real devices spread around the world, Applause can recreate just about any travel scenario you can imagine - including testing while on the move in any location. Travel applications live in the wild, so shouldn’t they be tested there?

Expert Usability Feedback

Gain actionable feedback from real users and UX experts at all stages of the development lifecycle and make decisions based on real-world usability standards. Ensure your applications are intuitive, match your users' expectations and follow accessibility guidelines, anywhere and for everyone.

Test On-Location

Applause can send testers to airports, have them walk app-guided trails, drive down highways, book hotels, find nearby restaurants and more. Testing real-world scenarios under real-world conditions will turn up issues you would never find in a sterile lab.

Metrics That Matter

Is your travel app moving your consumers from looking to booking? Can it stand up to high traffic events, such as unexpected snow storms? Monitor metrics and data from your real users to see if your website, mobile app or connected device is delighting them in every way or if a feature, quality or attribute is leaving them disappointed.

Find Out What It Costs

Getting started with Applause is easier and more affordable than you might expect. Check out how Applause’s in-the-wild testing solutions can extend your team, fit into your budget and save you time and money.

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