Does your travel or hospitality digital experience work as intended in every market you operate in? Ensure your brand keeps up with localization and the fast pace of on-demand travel with Applause.


  • delta-logo
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  • suncountry-airlines-logo makes it easy for customers to find their perfect home. It knows that a real estate app or website must cater to all of the different geographic locations in which homes are sold, and Applause enables to test with professional testers across the United States.


Holiday Check

HolidayCheck allows travelers to know they are getting the best rate when booking flights and hotels. It invested in Applause to set up a testing cadence that extended through every weekend, and covered all of the devices and browsers with which customers booked travel.

  • Covered more than 350 devices 70 unique desktop combination
  • Tested across 23 different countries
  • Regularly test on weekends to increase pace of release cadence
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Skyscanner is a travel search site that has become key part of the trip-planning process for 50 million people across the globe each week. With such an expansive reach, Skyscanner relies on Applause to ensure it delivers a locally relevant and optimized digital experience to each of its target markets. Through the Applause community, Skyscanner is able to regularly cover:

  • 84 different countries
  • 1,200 unique device combinations
  • Over 10 different languages
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Passport has eliminated the need to carry around loose change to feed parking meters in over 2,000 different locations. As it continues to expand into more streets and parking lots, it relies on the geographic spread of the Applause community to ensure an excellent experience for both the cities and people that rely on its apps.

  • Covered 200 different iOS and Android combination
  • Tested across 40 different countries
  • Earned reputation for the best user experience across all market
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