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Social applications now drive almost all aspects of human communication across all kinds of mobile and website environments. From social networks, to email to just keeping track of information, users want all access, all the time, and have little patience for a tool that is slow, hard to use or leaves them worried about their privacy. Applause helps companies create usable, secure and high-availability digital experiences for our connected world.

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Social & Communications Challenges

Usability, privacy and security reign supreme when it comes to social media. Unfortunately, these can be some of the more difficult areas to master. Social mobile apps and sites often run into trouble with:

  • Usability and intuitiveness
  • Security and privacy standards, compliance and open communication
  • Search accuracy and connection feedback
  • Accurate GPS and geolocation readings
  • Third party API integrations

It's all too easy for users to move on to the latest and greatest social media experience - keep them using yours by creating a fun, usable and secure social experience.

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How Applause Helps

Social Immersion

Members of the Applause community are avid technology users immersed in modern social networks. They know what to expect, how to navigate in the media space and real world use cases that your website, mobile app or connected device will have to withstand.

Device Coverage

Nowadays, just about everyone uses social networks. Will yours support all the different devices and locations of your users? With a global community of more than 250,000 professional testers, Applause provides coverage in just about every region, on every device, OS, browser and network.

Real-World Testing

Your users will be accessing your website, mobile or connected device application at work, at home, on the bus, in restaurants, at ballparks, anywhere they have a few minutes to kill. Does their experience stand up to different connectivity levels and users on-the-move? You can’t test these mobile moments in a lab.


Gain actionable feedback from real users and UX experts at all stages of the development lifecycle and make decisions based on real-world usability standards. Ensure your applications are intuitive, match your users' expectations and follow accessibility guidelines, anywhere and for everyone.

Find Out What It Costs

Getting started with Applause is easier and more affordable than you might expect. Check out how Applause’s in-the-wild testing solutions can extend your team, fit into your budget and save you time and money.

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"We were trying to find a balance between what our beta community does well and what our in house QA team does. Applause was a perfect fit, since they would give us real-world testing like our beta community, but they would report bugs into a dedicated platform, making it easier for us to sort through and analyze."

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