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From alphabet apps for small children to resource portals for college students, education and learning websites and mobile apps need to work well, be consistent and meet the needs of students and teachers.

With such a diverse range of user expectations, creating high quality education applications can be challenging. Applause helps companies create usable, secure, and high-availability digital experiences that meet the demands of users no matter what level of student or trainee they are – at home, on the campus or in the classroom.

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Education & Learning Challenges

Online education websites and mobile apps have a far-reaching audience. There are apps that need to appeal to toddlers, portals designed for college students and adult learners, training apps and websites for new employees and everything in between. Despite the wide user base, there are some common challenges developers will find familiar, such as:

  • Authenticity: For some experiences, it’s vital to verify the user.
  • Privacy and Security: When dealing with small children, privacy and security become even more important.
  • Accessibility: Your app needs to be usable by all learners and Section 508-compliant.
  • Support Peak Load: Whether it’s during class or the rush before finals, your website or mobile app needs to be able to handle the pressure.
  • Usability: Usability is particularly important – and particularly hard to gauge – when targeting younger children.
  • Device Matrix: There are infinite device, operating system, and version combinations to keep track of – and your website or mobile app needs to look good and work well on all of them.


Crowdsourced Usability Testing

6 keys to help you launch an intuitive app

How Applause Helps

Extended Reach

With a global community of more than 250,000 professional testers, Applause provides access to a range of devices, operating systems, networks, locations and user demographics that are impossible to replicate in a lab.

Demographic Coverage

With detailed tester profiles and the ability to recruit for special testing needs, Applause builds you the perfect custom team. Need testers who have worked as teachers, testers who are college students or testers with toddlers? We've got you covered.

Access to Experts

When dealing with children, privacy and security are even more important. Applause gives you access to security experts who specialize in a range of platforms and can check your applications for common and uncommon vulnerabilities.

Real World Feedback

Whether your users are happy, sad or mad, they'll be sure to voice their opinion of your app. Take advantage of this real world feedback by using Mobile Sentiment Analysis to tap into data from the app stores and let it inform the next - even better - version of your app.


What It Costs

In-the-wild digital testing is more affordable than you might think. Find out how the Applause solution fits into your budget with our interactive pricing tools.

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