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Finding The Write Testing Solution

An application that seamlessly corrects spelling, misused words and grammar mistakes – that’s what Ginger has been providing its users with since their beta launch in 2008. Less than one year later, with another major commercial release on the horizon, Alex Ben-Ari, Ginger Software’s VP of R&D, searched for a practical way to expand his in-house testing efforts.

"There comes a point where you need reliable, third-party validation," said Alex. "We had tested extensively in-house, but we all knew that our software – especially for this release – could use a fresh set of eyes before launch."

Or perhaps a few dozen. With Applause, Alex was free to choose as many testers as he needed to validate the application’s performance across operating systems, browsers and versions of Flash. And so with the help of a dedicated uTest project manager, he opened up the release to more than 40 testers from around the world. Once the test scripts and the list of known bugs had been uploaded, the Applause community quickly began reporting bugs and real-world feedback.

"It was very reassuring for us to have so many testers searching for bugs in our application," Alex said. "Confidence is critical with major releases, and uTest (Applause) made us extremely confident that our product was ready."

After three similar test cycles over a two-week period, Alex and the team at Ginger wound up getting exactly what they wanted: Experienced testers looking for serious bugs, and complete confidence heading in to their biggest launch to date.

"The sheer variation of testing you can accomplish through uTest (Applause) is amazing. There’s no better way to achieve this type of broad testing coverage – traditional outsourcing wouldn’t have even come close."
-- Alex Ben-Ari, VP of Research and Development, Ginger Software