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Testing in a Clean, Agile Environment

As the operator of a "re-commerce" site for people to sell and recycle their old consumer electronics, Gazelle (formerly known as Second Rotation) is keeping its promise to change the world "one cell phone, one laptop, one iPod at a time." As the business and software expanded, CTO James McElhiney realized that his defacto QA team - through no fault of its own - was not keeping up with the fast pace of development, and began searching for a more agile testing solution.

It’s a common problem within agile shops, explained McElhiney, and the answer has never been easy to come by. James understood that with the increased flexibility of agile development, QA had to play an active role throughout the process, not just a day before launch. And so after debating whether to hire internally or sign an outsourcing contract, James finally made his decision: neither.

"Applause has allowed us to increase testing coverage and find more bugs, while decreasing the amount of manpower, time and money spent on testing."
-- James McElhiney, CTO, Gazelle

Having learned of Applause through an associate, James signed up in April of 2008 to see how agile the global community really was. Within a matter of hours, he had assembled a diverse team of QA professionals for functional and exploratory testing, and received a detailed bug report on their web app. It wasn’t long after their first release when James (and the newly hired QA manager) realized they’d found a quick, accurate solution to their agile testing problem.

"Applause works really well with the fast pace of Agile," he said. "We never lose a step, since we release when we leave for the weekend and results are waiting for us when we come back in on Monday."