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Dan Rowinski

ARC Editor-in-Chief

Dan Rowinski is the Editor-in-Chief at ARC. Prior to founding the magazine, Dan was the senior writer and mobile editor at ReadWrite.com for four years. Among his many publishing credentials, Dan’s work has appeared in the Boston Globe and Government Computer News. Dan has been a sports reporter covering the NHL and MLB beats and is a trained chef.


Digital Trends

How One Greek Company Has Perfected The Ecommerce Model In Emerging Markets

Athens-based Upstream ecommerce platform provides a model for connecting carriers, brands and consumers across the world.

UX Corner

Optimización de las Tiendas de Aplicaciones 101: Las mejores prácticas para el descubrimiento de aplicaciones

Conceptos básicos para la optimización de la tienda de aplicaciones, incluidos los títulos de las aplicaciones y las palabras clave que ayudarán a que su aplicación se descubra.

Digital Trends

Smart Refrigerators Prove The Next Era Of Digital Experience Has Arrived

The LG InstaView fridge is more than just a fridge. It is the proof of concept of a coming era of technology.