Enterprise Digital Experiences

Every enterprise must deal with the implications of digital transformation. Digital is the thread that runs through your entire customer experience, and those experiences are critical to the success and reputation of your brand. You can’t afford to let a poor digital experience harm your customers’ perceptions.

Applause equips the world’s biggest brands with the testing, user feedback and research services they need to ensure their websites, mobile apps, IoT products and connected environments deliver great integrated digital experiences.

Leading Enterprises Use Applause

Coca Cola

Scalability On Demand

No matter how many in-house testing and design resources you have, there are times when you wish you could simply have access to more professionals. Then, there are times you'll wish you could keep your team small and tight. With the global community of professional testers, UX experts and researchers provided by Applause, your team can scale as needed, delivering you the right resources at the right time. Applause will work with you to find the appropriate sized team to hunt down the defects in your digital properties that matter most, deliver the real user feedback you need to build on and the research you need to stay ahead of the competition.

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Protection For Your Intellectual Property

We recognize that your digital assets are a competitive advantage. Applause has a proven track record working with enterprise companies with pre-release applications and features. In addition to a closely monitored tester community, a vigorous vetting process for project managers and testers and a complete security practice, Applause enforces NDAs with all project participants. Those NDAs can be your standard enterprise NDA and we will host it on our platform to ensure compliance. Additionally, with proxy and VPN solutions from Applause, you can connect testers directly to your internal testing environment in a secure manner.

Protection Of IP
Premium Managed Service

Premium Managed Services

Managing executive expectations, product and promotion planning, requirement planning, user feedback reviews and stakeholder demands - your day is busy and we understand that. With your Enterprise project manager, Applause won't be another item on your to-do list. From day one, we'll work with you to understand and execute your program needs. Your project manager will work with you to develop program scope, manage your testers and other program participants, pre-triage your bugs, deliver actionable feedback and suggest best practice strategies.

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Confidence In Your Digital Properties and Programs

Using Applause means you never have to guess what your customers think about your next great digital idea. Using Applause means you never have to worry that the digital experiences you spend considerable time, effort and money on to build and might not work correctly. Using Applause means you can confidently deliver great digital properties and integrated digital experiences every time, everywhere. Global brands trust Applause to research digital concepts, gather user feedback at any step in the development cycle and test digital offerings across every customer touchpoint to ensure they work as intended and delight customers.

“Applause especially helps increase coverage on mobile. There’s no way I’m going to invest in a mobile lab with all the devices and operating systems. And in that lab, I wouldn’t even have the environment that my app would be used in. With Applause, I’m able to get that coverage. Operating system and environment.”

- Fred Beringer,
VP of Customer Experience, Shutterfly.com