Windows Phone App Testing

Windows Phone Apps

Windows Phone represents an exciting platform for app developers given the smaller number of high-quality apps available. Windows Phone is also showing traction in many emerging markets – creating new opportunities for expanded reach and an international presence.


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Live Tile Design & Testing

In order to take advantage of this platform, most existing apps need to be re-written entirely in order to match the Live Tile design principles – it isn’t enough to simply port your iOS or Android app “as is.” This means a lot of new testing across device makers, models, carriers and locations.

Windows Phone App Testing

Applause gives Windows Phone developers an easy way to test your apps on a range of devices around the world – including in emerging markets. With a global community of professional testers, Applause has access to the newest devices and the latest operating system versions.

Applause enables Windows Phone developers to test their apps on any device, anywhere in the world – and for substantially less than traditional outsourcing firms in terms of time, effort and cost.


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Windows Phone App Testing

Applause provides in-the-wild testing services that span the app lifecycle.


What It Costs

Find out how Windows Phone app testing with Applause can fit into your budget with our interactive pricing calculator.

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"uTest has testers that are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Better yet, they’re available on practically no notice at all, which allows us to essentially compress 50 days of testing into a 24-hour period."