Android App Testing

Android App Testing

The Android testing matrix is the largest, most complex of all the mobile testing matrices. Android is notorious for fragmentation because its open nature allows more handset manufacturers, models, UI customizations and other factors to be introduced into the ecosystem. But being vast is no excuse for not testing across the matrix.


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Learn about the Android matrix, what to test, common Android issues, helpful tips and more in this free whitepaper.


Android App Challenges

No more than one-third of the Android install-base is running a single version of the operating system at any point in time. Android apps have to work on a combination of various screen sizes and pixel densities, meaning your app could look different on a low-resolution phone when compared to a high-resolution tablet.

Applause has helped thousands of Android developers navigate the tricky testing waters of fragmentation. Engage with Applause to find out how we can help.

Android App Testing

Applause provides in-the-wild testing services that span the app lifecycle.

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What It Costs

Don’t be overwhelmed by the Android test matrix. Find out how Android app testing with Applause fits into your budget with our interactive pricing calculator.

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"The complexity of mobile today makes it difficult. The landscape of what you need to test, you can’t do it in-house. You simply can’t cover the different use cases that are out in the market."