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Customer Journey Testing

Your customers demand a cohesive omnichannel experience. With Applause, real customers traverse digital and physical customer journeys allowing brands to gain a holistic view of their end-to-end customer experience.

Gain a Holistic View of Your Customer Journey

From online to in-store, your customers expect a high quality end-to-end experience. With Applause, global brands build a comprehensive view of the customer experience through the eyes of their customers and across all touchpoints. Brands receive actionable insights from real customers to better understand:

  • Whether the design intent of your digital platforms and physical stores match customer expectations.
  • The friction points along the journey that caused customers to bail.
  • How the behavior of employees impacts more than just the physical customer experience.
  • How and when customers move between touchpoints and what problems are encountered.
  • How different customer personas utilize touch points along their journey.
  • The effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and promotions.
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Benefits of Customer Journey Testing with Applause

Leveraging a global community of vetted professionals, Applause will assemble and mobilize testers who match your customers' demographic to receive the most relevant feedback and data from your test cycles. Brands who partner with Applause for customer journey testing are able to reduce risk, launch faster, improve customer loyalty, and increase conversions.

Applause customer journey testing includes:

  • User Experience Expert Hours: An Applause UX expert will craft plans and surveys to maximize value of results.
  • In-Field Customer Journeys: Targeted participants will travel through your customer journeys—going from online to in-store.
  • Bug Reports and Experience Feedback: Participants will logs bugs on any issues they find, answer structured feedback questions, and complete a post-journey brand experience survey.
  • Comprehensive Report: A UX expert compiles results and makes recommendations on both digital and in-store experiences.
"Learning from the app experience has helped us learn from the physical experience as well, melding the two together."
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