Competitive Benchmarking

Taking a structured, holistic approach to understanding the competitive landscape is the an incredibly effective tool to guide and validate your business strategies. Learning where existing competitors have won - or lost - customer favor gives brands an advantage when considering a new market offering or location.

Using a combination of primary and secondary research methods, Applause gathers the insights and intelligence necessary for companies of all sizes to make strategic decisions that will give them the competitive edge.

What We Offer

Participants in Real-World Setting

On-the-Ground Research

Using a combination of remote, unmoderated testing and survey feedback, Applause recruits participants who mirror your target audience and provide a series of tasks to be completed on their own time and in their own environment, anywhere in the world. By targeting your top competitors with the same activity, you can gain real-world insights into where the competition succeeds - or fails. Their survey responses provide not only experiential feedback but also offers directional insights into local consumer buying preferences and usability-related issues.

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Focus Groups and Crowd Qualitative Research

For a deeper narrative and the opportunity to gather more comprehensive experience feedback, Applause can help you craft and execute in-market focus groups in an on-site moderated environment. In this environment you can gain more qualitative feedback as to the perception of your competitors by their customers, and discover opportunities to differentiate your offering and brand in-market.

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Moderator Gathers Feedback from Focus Group
Researchers Gather and Compare Competitor Information

Macro Competitive Environment

Analyzing secondary sources of information can provide a neutral, facts-based assessment of your competitive landscape. By assessing a competitor’s marketing strategy, PR and media coverage, financial disclosures and other reference sources, Applause’s research experts will deliver a comprehensive report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the existing marketplace, including market share and relative competitive positioning.

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