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Making Testing Easier with the Applause SDK

When Alex Kim started his interactive agency, BrandXten, he knew that he wanted to produce outstanding results for his clients. But as his agency transitioned into developing mobile apps he discovered just how complicated mobile app testing can be.

"Testing was a lot easier with the web," explained Alex. "But mobile QA really raised the complexity, and covering the spectrum of both iOS and Android devices was a nightmare."

Alex's clients are asking for more and more complicated apps on a greater number of mobile devices, all while supporting a huge audience of users around the world. For Alex, it's essential that he delivers quality apps the first time.

"As an agency, my business is driven by my reputation and the quality of the work I provide."

But living up to that promise in mobile was proving to be a challenge for Alex and his developers.

To help manage his mobile quality, Alex turned to Applause SDK. Its combination of build distribution, crash reporting and bug reporting turned out to be exactly what Alex needed to test his mobile apps and make sure they were ready for launch.

Using Applause SDK

When BrandXten begins developing an app, Applause SDK is included right away. With their developers releasing new builds each day, ease of testing is essential. Applause SDK's over-the-air build distribution feature makes it simple to evaluate builds as they are released.

"Build distribution is a huge time saving and convenience piece that keeps us on track and makes us more efficient," Alex said.

Once the app is installed on the test devices, the next step is to begin the actual testing. Applause SDK again shows its value with in-app bug reporting. By making it easy to report bugs directly from the device, Alex and his developers can keep a close eye on their app's quality.

One of Alex's favorite benefits is the ability to capture screenshots of the bugs right as they are happening.

"The ability to capture screen shots properly, comment on them, and then add them to our bug tracking system was a big benefit," he said. "Before Apphance (now know as the Applause SDK), we might spend 10-20 minutes capturing a bug and taking screenshots. Now it takes a minute. Sometimes I can report a bug in under a minute."

Efficiency and Accountability

With so many clients and projects, it's easy for any agency to lose things in the shuffle. That's why Alex pays especially close attention to efficiency and accountability within his organization. A product that helps reduce time to launch and makes it easier to track his projects is a real winner. Applause SDK immediately stood out as a major source of value.

"Apphance (Applause SDK) creates more efficiency in the overall process and more accountability across the board," said Alex.

One of Applause SDK's key benefits is its integration with JIRA for bug tracking. All of BrandXten's developers and projects rely on JIRA for tracking features and bugs, so it's important for outside tools to integrate with JIRA as well.

"Apphance's (Applause SDK) ability to send its bugs to JIRA made my life a lot easier. JIRA makes managing all my development activities so much easier, and Apphance's (Applause SDK) integration with JIRA is fantastic."

Of course, nothing kills efficiency like variability, which is why Applause SDK's support for iOS and Android is another winning feature. Having the same tools that work the same way for both platforms means BrandXten doesn't have to waste effort keeping track of different details for different platforms.

"Being able to use Apphance (Applause SDK) on multiple device types is very important,” said Alex. “We can develop a single app for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets, all while maintaining the same workflow."


Ultimately, Alex's goal is to deliver higher quality apps to keep his clients satisfied and Applause SDK helps him meet that goal.

"For my clients, it's essential there is a level of trust and comfort that we can create a quality app. Apphance (Applause SDK) makes sure we can deliver on those promises."

With so many projects completed, Alex is confident that the Applause SDK is the right tool.

"Of all the toolsets I've used, Apphance (Applause SDK) is, from my business perspective, one of the most important."
-- Alex Kim, Founder, BrandXten