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Two-Thirds Of All Digital Time Is Now Spent On A Mobile Device

The app has become the dominant form of media in our time.

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amazon fire remote

Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Control Your Television

Alexa … can we cut the cord yet?

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Amazon Alexa

You Can Now Try Amazon’s Alexa … Without Buying An Echo

No need for an Echo, Tap or Dot … oh my.

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david marcus

Step-by-Step Guide To Building Facebook Messenger Bots

A bot is an app though an app is not necessarily a bot.

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Handmade signs

Developing Countries Will Drive The Growth Of The Internet Of Things

Harvest time comes for the Internet of Things.

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App Shell Index

Why Progressive Web Apps Are The Future Of Web Development

Application Shell Architecture will replace the need for hybrid apps.

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Javascript robot

JavaScript Is Eating The World

Or is the world eating JavaScript?

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5 Tips To Get Your App Featured In The Apple App Store

The app store is less chicken and egg and more massive Apple-controlled poultry farm.

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palazzo venezia rome

How Google’s Project Fi Fixes The International Data Nightmare

I spent two weeks touring southern Europe testing Google’s Project Fi. Here’s how it went.

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