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Holistic Agile Testing Solutions and Where to Find Them

What's holding you back from true Agile development?

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4 Communication Best Practices for Omnichannel and Digital UX

Part two in our Omnichannel and Digital UX Best Practices series.

5 Engagement Best Practices for Omnichannel and Digital UX

Part one in our Omnichannel & Digital UX Best Practices series.

App Retention: 23% Of Apps Are Only Used Once

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

How To Get Excellent Mobile App Ratings

Six simple tips to better app ratings.

Personalization Is More Than Just A Buzzword, It’s A Business Model

Meeting customer expectations has become the top goal for businesses.

5 Ways Product Managers Can Use Crowdsourcing Effectively

Crowdsourcing can be a scalable and cost efficient way to make product decisions and improve quality.

88% Of People Will Abandon An App Because Of Bugs

If bugs didn’t exist, there would be nothing to complain about.

The Future Of Voice Will Be Contextual Conversations And Interactive Experiences

It’s not about the technology, it’s about user experience and design

Digital Disappointment: What Companies Must Be Aware Of In The Digital Economy

The inevitable march towards digital customer experience can have pitfalls for the unwary traveller

70% Of Retailers Will Use The Internet Of Things To Improve Customer Experience

“Digital disruption—most profoundly, online shopping and smartphones—has birthed ever connected, savvy shoppers who have...

5 Areas That Banks Must Address To Embrace Digital Transformation

Banks need to come to the 21st century by replacing everything from the core on out.

Consumer App Spend Grew 45% In The First Quarter Of 2017

The myth of peak app remains an urban legend.

Merely Competent Mobile Games Are Not Good Enough Anymore

90% of everything is merely competent. That is not good enough anymore.

Companies Should Use Their Digital IQ To Enhance The Customer Experience

“In the most basic sense, people have been the missing variable in the digital transformation equation.”

Why Personalization Is Imperative For Brands To Meet Customer Expectations

Customers expect their digital experience to be seamless and personalized. Companies that don't focus on the human aspec...

Retailer's Biggest Obstacle To Personalization Is Payments

“The large opportunity lost is that merchants have largely let issuers and networks define their customer interactions.”

Building Better Experiences Is The Top Priority For Retailers Over The Next 5 Years

Retailers have long relied on discounts to get people in the door. But customer and digital experience is what will keep...