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What do Spanish Customers Expect from Digital Banking Products?

For the Spanish banking sector, tackling digital challenges quickly and successfully is of vital importance given the gr...

Is European Retail Ready to Adopt Modern Technologies?

European Retail companies tend to be hesitant when investing in technological innovation, making it all the more challen...

Why Experimentation and Lean Startup are the Key to a Successful Product

As a product owner or product manager, what defines a successful product to you?

Connected Cars Aim to Turn Commuting Hours into Digital Consumption Hours

Digital engagement is steering cars in the right direction.

How Aperto Leverages Continuous Feedback to Provide a Better User Experience

In all its product development, Aperto focuses on the end user, not just the client.

75% Of People Have Performance Issues With Digital Transformation

Don’t get caught in the complexity of digital transformation.

The Apps Economy Will Be Worth $6.3 Trillion By 2021

Peak app? Not now, probably not ever.

10 Of The Best Blogs For Product Management

Get to know the product management community.

5 Ways Product Managers Can Use Crowdsourcing Effectively

Crowdsourcing can be a scalable and cost efficient way to make product decisions and improve quality.

Companies Should Use Their Digital IQ To Enhance The Customer Experience

“In the most basic sense, people have been the missing variable in the digital transformation equation.”

Only 26% Of Industrial Companies Have A Digital Transformation Strategy

The Industrial Internet of Things demands that companies make their digital transformation a priority. But most prefer t...

How Provides A Customized Experience For Every House Hunter

Searching for the perfect house can be stressful and time consuming. Digital real estate can alleviate the worry.

Consumers Care Most About Usability, Interoperability And Security Of IoT

“Communications is very difficult. Interoperability is very hard.”

Citing Poor Usability, Only 12% Of Employees Use Enterprise Apps

Employee-facing apps are not living up to people’s expectations.

Swisscom Uses Agile Development And Crowdtesting To Deliver Quality Software

Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest telecom, uses agile development and a crowdtesting model to constantly give consumers qu...

Product Research Is The Most Important Aspect Of Digital Experience

“How do you define digital experience and how do you approach it?” Turns out, it’s not that easy.

Smart Refrigerators Prove The Next Era Of Digital Experience Has Arrived

The LG InstaView fridge is more than just a fridge. It is the proof of concept of a coming era of technology

The Liquid Workforce Will Dominate 2017—And Other Tech Predictions

2017 predictions for the technology and innovation economies.