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Holistic Agile Testing Solutions and Where to Find Them

What's holding you back from true Agile development?

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The Agile Approach to Software Development: Growing rather than Building

The act of developing software is often compared to building a house. However, I disagree with that notion. I feel a mor...

Faster, Better, Stronger: Applause Automation Enhancements

New changes to Applause's test automation solution will yield big results for clients, helping run tests faster and incr...

The Building Blocks for Successful Test Automation

With a test automation suite at your disposal, insurmountable tasks such as doubling the breadth of your code coverage, ...

Apple App Store Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity

Declining App Store growth isn’t upsetting the Apple cart.

Four Things Slowing Down Your Automation Practices

Test automation has hit a fever pitch recently—and for good reason. As companies build towards an agile testing environm...

What Mobile Users Expect from Mobile Apps

The better a mobile app satisfies user expectations, the higher they set the bar. Therefore fulfilling mobile users’ exp...

Steps to Maturing Test Automation within a Deployment Pipeline

Speed kills, but that holds true in a variety of ways when it comes to test automation. It is true that automation can s...

QA Beginner’s Guide

How to Group and Prioritize Mobile Test Devices

Getting Started on Automation with Applause

Getting Started on Automation with Applause

Debunking the Most Commonly Cited Barriers to Effective Agile Testing

Learn why three of the most commonly cited barriers to effective agile testing shouldn’t be holding you back.

Google Updates Play Store Algorithms To Reward App Quality

Developers who rush a product to market may suffer from Google Play's new app quality guidelines.

Why Oomnitza Relies On Crowdsourced Security Testing To Protect Clients' Data

Web vulnerabilities make it even more important that customer data is safe and secure. White hat security testing can pr...

How HomeMe Uses Crowdsourcing To Supplement Its Internal QA Team

Los Angeles-based startup HomeMe turned to crowdsourcing to ensure renters would have a flawless digital experience on a...

How Crowdtesting Allowed WatchDox To Evolve Its Document Management Platform

Document security platform WatchDox's need for speed led to a long-term crowdtesting partnership.

How One Greek Company Has Perfected The Ecommerce Model In Emerging Markets

“If you are only delivering through an app, you are actually missing an opportunity that is three-times bigger.”

How Fonteva Drastically Improved Its Platform While Saving Money

“We were spending so much time trying to resolve bugs, by the time we fixed one, two or three more would be reported.”

Why One Bug Caused Widespread Internet Chaos

Still think QA testing doesn’t matter?

How Apps And Websites Can Make Sure They Comply With Accessibility Guidelines

Every person has a right to a high-quality digital experience.