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The Essential Parts of a Mobile App Launch Strategy

Why a solid mobile app launch strategy is key to success

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Mobile Testing Techniques Every QA Person Must Know

We all know that software isn’t bug free and never will be. However, software testers should use a broad range of testin...

How Functional Testing Can Help Minimize Negative Reviews in the App Stores

After all, even negative user feedback for ongoing product development can turn out to be extremely valuable if you can ...

How to Create a Mobile Testing Strategy in Three Steps

Because of mobile’s omnipresence and the fact that many daily situations rely on flawless app experiences, it is necessa...

Declare Your Independence From Working Weekends and Holidays

Sit back and relax this 4th of July. It’s what the Founding Fathers would want.

What Mobile Users Expect from Mobile Apps

The better a mobile app satisfies user expectations, the higher they set the bar. Therefore fulfilling mobile users’ exp...

Why Mastering Mobile Check-In is Essential for Hotels

Why Mastering Mobile Check-In is Essential for Hotels

Testing on the Right Devices

Testing on the Right Devices

Why is "In-The-Wild" testing essential?

Many companies have quality assurance (QA) labs to test their products before they are released. These lab results are o...

These Apps and Websites Designed the Path of Least Resistance by Using their Customers' Perspective

The old adage is true: The path of least resistance will be the path most traveled.

Why The Concept Of Peak App Is Just An Urban Legend

The apps economy is a runaway juggernaut that refuses to bow to the idea of peak app.

How To Get Excellent Mobile App Ratings

Six simple tips to better app ratings.

How To Plan Your App Release With The Mobile Release Train

A mobile release train can help coordinate different groups of development and testing for a more efficient app release.

Why messageLOUD Turned To Crowdsourced Testing To Encourage Safe Driving

MessageLOUD is the only app that automatically reads your texts, WhatsApp messages, and email out loud, while enabling y...

Smartphone Owners Use At Least Nine Different Apps Every Day

The apps economy just keeps on trucking …