Discover the latest trends, innovations, and achievements in home and how crowd testing is impacting them.

Realtor.com’s Keys to Achieving Quality at the Speed of Development

Realtor.com used 5 testing keys to achieve agility and speed along with quality.

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Your Smart Home Of The Future Will Be Controlled By Voice

“Alexa, turn off the lights, turn up the heat and read me a story.”

How HomeMe Uses Crowdsourcing To Supplement Its Internal QA Team

Los Angeles-based startup HomeMe turned to crowdsourcing to ensure renters would have a flawless digital experience on a...

79% Of U.S. Consumers Already Own A Smart Home Device

The inflection point for consumer IoT adoption has come.

How Realtor.com Provides A Customized Experience For Every House Hunter

Searching for the perfect house can be stressful and time consuming. Digital real estate can alleviate the worry.