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Applause Announces First Round of Customer Speakers for DigitalXChange '18

Meet the latest round of DigitalXChange speakers from Fox, Roche, and Master Lock.

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Four Keys To Mobile Growth In 2017

Mobile growth has slowed, but there is still room to carve out a niche in the apps economy.

Here Are Two Companies That Set An Example For The Future Of Retail

“I wouldn’t just go out there and do some demographic research and look at some real estate.”

Dating Is Now The Epitome Of The Collision Between Digital And Physical

From from awkward, abnormal and desperate, online dating has become the new normal

How Gadget Makers Approach Digital Experience

The enhanced human is already here.

How Messaging Innovator SoChat Enables Agile Development With Crowdtesting

“We release several times within a week and move as quickly as possible, while at the same time delivering a high qualit...

Even With Slowing Growth, Time Spent In Apps Increased 69% In 2016

“It is safe to say that social has absorbed the media industry.”

2016 Was Another Record-Breaking Year For Apple's App Store

The iPhone may have slowed down, but the App Store still has runway.

What Are Digital Twins And Why Will They Be Integral To The Internet Of Things?

A digital twin is the virtual representation of a physical asset. And it has the potential to completely reshape how inf...

You Can Now Try Amazon’s Alexa … Without Buying An Echo

No need for an Echo, Tap or Dot … oh my.

JavaScript Is Eating The World

Or is the world eating JavaScript?

5 Tips To Get Your App Featured In The Apple App Store

The app store is less chicken and egg and more massive Apple-controlled poultry farm.

How Google’s Project Fi Fixes The International Data Nightmare

I spent two weeks touring southern Europe testing Google’s Project Fi. Here’s how it went.