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Testing on the Right Devices

Testing on the Right Devices

Why is "In-The-Wild" testing essential?

Many companies have quality assurance (QA) labs to test their products before they are released. These lab results are o...

4 Steps to Create Great Test Cases

What do meaningful test cases look like?

These Apps and Websites Designed the Path of Least Resistance by Using their Customers' Perspective

The old adage is true: The path of least resistance will be the path most traveled.

How Accellion Enables Secure Collaboration Across All Devices and Locations

Accellion, a leading file transfer, collaboration and governance software provider, turned to Applause for its digital t...

Why Gram Games Turns To Crowdtesting To Ensure Engaging Gameplay

The competitive mobile gaming market makes the need for crowdtesting gameplay an important part of the process.