Connected Devices

Discover the latest trends, innovations, and achievements in connected devices and how crowd testing is impacting them.

How to Test Your Software at Scale in Moving Vehicles

There are some software bugs that cannot be accounted for internally; even in the most comprehensive QA labs.

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Defining The Four Phases Of Digital Experience

What if you knew exactly what your customers wanted, exactly when they wanted it?

Only 26% Of Companies Consider Recent Internet Of Things Projects Successful

Investment into an Internet of Things initiative is the easy bit. The hard part is to make sure that that the money is w...

79% Of U.S. Consumers Already Own A Smart Home Device

The inflection point for consumer IoT adoption has come.

How BMW Leverages Crowd to Test In-car Apps in Older Vehicles

BMW prides itself on giving people the ultimate driving experience. Crowdtesting allows BMW to make the experience even ...

The Consumer Appetite For Digital Is Only Matched By Its Intolerance For Defects

The most popular app testing requirements among leading CIOs include security, performance, functional and load testing.

Ransomware Is Now The Dominant Cyberthreat To Corporate America

“In 2016, ransomware grabbed headlines, and for good reason.”

How Good User Personalization Stems From Quality Design Choices

Machine learning is useful, but good design is where personalization starts.

The Liquid Workforce Will Dominate 2017—And Other Tech Predictions

2017 predictions for the technology and innovation economies.

Why Progressive Web Apps Are The Future Of Web Development

Application Shell Architecture will replace the need for hybrid apps.