Discover the latest trends, innovations, and achievements in AI and how crowd testing is impacting them.

Voice: Building is Easy, Testing is Hard

Testing remains one of the major bottlenecks in creating successful voice apps. It’s a big reason there are more than 900 Alexa skills averaging a one-star rating.

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For The Battered Retail Industry, Machine Learning Has To Be About Sales

We are ultimately trying to sell more. I think that is the beauty of retail in that the motive is very simple.

How Language Led To The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

“Well, we kind of have 10-times more computation …”

The Battle Between Google Home And Amazon’s Alexa Just Got Real

Google Home will ramp up the battle for control of the voice-activated device market.

How Machine Learning In The Database Can Change Industries And Save Lives

Artificial intelligence in the database can help doctors make diagnosis and help streamline manufacturing.

What Banks Need To Know To Optimize The Omnichannel Experience

The omnichannel is not just for retailers these days.

Amazon Opens Up Alexa’s Conversational AI To Developers

Amazon Lex will take the heavy lifting out of conversational interfaces.

Commerce In Bots Has Become Just Another Part Of The Stack

“I think any new use case and experience, it takes time to see what makes sense of that interface.”

How Artificial Intelligence Will Invade Retail … Eventually

Retailers will soon find that every problem is a problem that can be solved by artificial intelligence.

How Visa Will Use The Internet Of Things To Help Displace Cash

How tokenization and gadgets come together to make transactions.