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Digital Trends

79% Of U.S. Consumers Already Own A Smart Home Device

Mass adoption of the Internet of Things has been slow to date, but at least people seem to know what a smart device is.

Digital Trends

How 3 Smart Home Companies Define Digital Experience

Digital experience is more than just how a person taps on an app. It is the guiding light of how companies make product decisions in a new age.

Digital Trends

3 Challenges Facing The Implementation Of The Smart Home

The smart home is the first mature category of the Internet of Things. But the smart home stillf faces technical challenges towards implementation.

Digital Trends

Amazon's Alexa Is Now The Ghost In The Machine

CES 2017 is a consumer electronics paradise ... especially for the Amazon Echo.

Digital Trends

72% Of Americans Want To Speak To Their Smart Homes

Smart homes will be controlled with your voice in the near future.

Digital Trends

Smart Refrigerators Prove The Next Era Of Digital Experience Has Arrived

The LG InstaView fridge is more than just a fridge. It is the proof of concept of a coming era of technology.