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How to Test Your Software at Scale in Moving Vehicles

Scott Siegler • January 4, 2018

“We needed people that would be out there on the road and actually driving places three times during a week.”

There are some software bugs that cannot be accounted for internally; even in the most comprehensive QA labs.

The creators of the traffic, navigation, and parking app INRIX Traffic understand this fact as well as anybody. There is a wide variety of challenges that its app needs to account for that only exist in the conditions of the real world - whether it is spotty patches of cell service, a driver transitioning from Wi-Fi connectivity to mobile data, or a backroad that serves as a viable route but doesn’t get picked up by GPS.

In this video, Applications Development Manager Preston VanderWeyst explains how INRIX Traffic is able to include all of the real-world variability into its QA process by leveraging the Applause community:

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