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Voice Technology is Set to Reshape Healthcare

The future of healthcare could be heard loud and clear at Voice.Health.

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How to Solve the Voice Assistant Accent Gap

Want to confuse your voice assistant? Have a bunch of Bostonites ask it questions.

How to successfully transform your French insurance products digitally

With the advent of insurance technology, the insurance industry in France is expected to experience the same paradigm sh...

What traditional French banks can learn from the Fintechs

Find out what traditional banks can learn from the digital strategies put in place by Fintechs to improve their own prod...

How to Conquer Local Markets as a Digital Startup

Localization describes the process of making websites and apps available for the international market, but catering to t...

How Crowdtesting Helps to Ensure a Smooth Digital Experience for E-Commerce Products

How Crowdtesting Helps to Ensure a Smooth Digital Experience for E-Commerce Products

How Aperto Leverages Continuous Feedback to Provide a Better User Experience

In all its product development, Aperto focuses on the end user, not just the client.

These Apps and Websites Designed the Path of Least Resistance by Using their Customers' Perspective

The old adage is true: The path of least resistance will be the path most traveled.

Why The Concept Of Peak App Is Just An Urban Legend

The apps economy is a runaway juggernaut that refuses to bow to the idea of peak app.

How To Get Excellent Mobile App Ratings

Six simple tips to better app ratings.

65% Of People Will Install At Least One New App Per Month

Installs are great but time spent in apps is what matters.

The Apps Economy Will Be Worth $6.3 Trillion By 2021

Peak app? Not now, probably not ever.

Why messageLOUD Turned To Crowdsourced Testing To Encourage Safe Driving

MessageLOUD is the only app that automatically reads your texts, WhatsApp messages, and email out loud, while enabling y...

How Language Led To The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

“Well, we kind of have 10-times more computation …”

10 Of The Best Blogs For Product Management

Get to know the product management community.

5 Ways Product Managers Can Use Crowdsourcing Effectively

Crowdsourcing can be a scalable and cost efficient way to make product decisions and improve quality.

The Future Of Voice Will Be Contextual Conversations And Interactive Experiences

It’s not about the technology, it’s about user experience and design

Digital Disappointment: What Companies Must Be Aware Of In The Digital Economy

The inevitable march towards digital customer experience can have pitfalls for the unwary traveller

The Battle Between Google Home And Amazon’s Alexa Just Got Real

Google Home will ramp up the battle for control of the voice-activated device market.