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Why Oomnitza Relies On Crowdsourced Security Testing To Protect Clients' Data

Web vulnerabilities make it even more important that customer data is safe and secure. White hat security testing can provide that assurance.

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79% Of U.S. Consumers Already Own A Smart Home Device

The inflection point for consumer IoT adoption has come.

The Majority Of People Are Still Confused About Cybersecurity

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Four Keys To Mobile Growth In 2017

Mobile growth has slowed, but there is still room to carve out a niche in the apps economy.

Amazon Finally Lets Alexa Speak German And The Queen’s English

“Alexa … sind Sie ein listiger linguist?”

How Retailers Are Failing The Mobile In-Store Shopping Experience

“If you serve the mobile reliant population, they are more likely to give you more business and identify with your brand...

Even With Slowing Growth, Time Spent In Apps Increased 69% In 2016

“It is safe to say that social has absorbed the media industry.”

Amazon's Alexa Is Now The Ghost In The Machine

CES 2017 is a consumer electronics paradise ... especially for the Amazon Echo.