Payments have become an increasingly complex testing area. See how payment types are evolving and how companies are testing for them.

What do Spanish Customers Expect from Digital Banking Products?

For the Spanish banking sector, tackling digital challenges quickly and successfully is of vital importance given the growing adoption rate of digital media as a means of access to banking services, and the increasing competition from the fintech sector.

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Applause Announces First Round of Customer Speakers for DigitalXChange '18

Meet the latest round of DigitalXChange speakers from Fox, Roche, and Master Lock.

Open Banking: How Third Parties Can Benefit of a new EU Financial Regulatory

Raise your hand if you have heard this before in Europe.

5 Tips To Make Digital Payments Easier For Ecommerce

The payment is the painful part. Don’t make it any harder than it already is.

U.S. App Monetization Is Firmly Slanted Towards Apple

Installs are great … cash is better.

Commerce In Bots Has Become Just Another Part Of The Stack

“I think any new use case and experience, it takes time to see what makes sense of that interface.”

How One Greek Company Has Perfected The Ecommerce Model In Emerging Markets

“If you are only delivering through an app, you are actually missing an opportunity that is three-times bigger.”

Digital Commerce Continues To Accelerate Its Percentage Of Retail Sales

Retailers hoping ecommerce would stall are going to be left holding the bag.

Retailer's Biggest Obstacle To Personalization Is Payments

“The large opportunity lost is that merchants have largely let issuers and networks define their customer interactions.”

How Visa Will Use The Internet Of Things To Help Displace Cash

How tokenization and gadgets come together to make transactions.

How 3 Smart Home Companies Define Digital Experience

“When was the last time that you thought about your bed?”

61% Of People Access Mobile Banking On A Regular Basis

“The adoption of mobile money continues to advance. In developed markets, mobile payments and banking are driving a revo...

78% Of People Have Made A Purchase Through A Smartphone

“If you neglect to offer services and products through the mobile channel, you will lose.”

Assessing The Massive Security Vulnerability Of The Internet Of Things

“The DDoS genie is out of the bottle, and is unlikely to pop back in.”

A Customer Perspective Helps Breezeworks Better Serve Small Businesses

How software management company Breezeworks uses a crowdsourced functional testing model to make sure its clients conduc...