Automated Testing

Test automation is critical to enhancing testing efficiency and is the next step towards an agile testing practice.

Faster, Better, Stronger: Applause Automation Enhancements

New changes to Applause's test automation solution will yield big results for clients, helping run tests faster and increase confidence in their results.

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The Building Blocks for Successful Test Automation

With a test automation suite at your disposal, insurmountable tasks such as doubling the breadth of your code coverage, ...

Four Things Slowing Down Your Automation Practices

Test automation has hit a fever pitch recently—and for good reason. As companies build towards an agile testing environm...

Steps to Maturing Test Automation within a Deployment Pipeline

Speed kills, but that holds true in a variety of ways when it comes to test automation. It is true that automation can s...

Getting Started on Automation with Applause

Getting Started on Automation with Applause

The Proper Role of Test Automation

The Proper Role of Test Automation

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