Toby Vogels

Guest Author

Toby Vogels is a product manager who has experience working with mobile products. In 2017 Toby contributed an article to Applause about leveraging customer metrics to support mobile product growth

Toby attended UC Irvine and received his Master’s degree in Business and Media Management from the University of Hamburg. Toby has worked as a product marketing manager for companies such as Bookatable by Michelin and Twyxt. He became Director of Product and Growth for DRC. Inc in 2015. Toby would go on to become Mobile Developer Evangelist for Yahoo! Mobile’s Flurry Analytics. Currently, Toby is working as Senior Product Manager, Media Experiences at Verizon.

In his free time Toby volunteers at several non-profit organizations. He is a mentor with Free Ventures. Toby has also been a featured speaker at Product School.

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