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David Bolton

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Dave Bolton is a writer for Applause. Dave is a journalist and blogger who moved to Massachusetts from London in 2009. He has written local news for AOL, video gaming for Bostinno and was a Senior Tech Writer at Boston-based Brafton Media. His published work has focused on the digital world, with regular detours into political science and sports.


UX Corner

5 Most Common Reasons Mobile Shoppers Abandon Their Shopping Carts

Mobile shopping has made browsing for products easier, but it just as simple to walk away before paying.

Digital Trends

78% Of People Have Made A Purchase Through A Smartphone

The computer in our pockets is the key driver of online commerce.

UX Corner

How The Digital Economy Has Raised Expectations For Personalized Experience

Customers expect that a digital experience will be seamless from start to finish. The challenge is to live up to those expectations.

QA Lounge

Assessing The Massive Security Vulnerability Of The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things may be the catalyst for an increase in Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

Digital Trends

Why Traditional Digital Metrics May Not Apply To Voice Apps

Voice interaction is predicted to explode in 2017, but it needs to up its engagement rate.

UX Corner

How Apps And Websites Can Make Sure They Comply With Accessibility Guidelines

Web and mobile accessibility guidelines may be on the back burner for the U.S. government, but companies should act now to ensure compliance.

Digital Trends

Amazon Dash Buttons Represent The Height Of Seamless Shopping

Amazon now has virtual dash buttons to make millions of products a one-press purchase.

QA Lounge

$1.1 Trillion In Assets Were Impacted By Software Failures In 2016

Companies that don't undertake rigorous software testing before launch only have themselves to blame when it fails.

Digital Trends

2017 Will Be A Year Of Continual Challenges For Virtual Reality

The star of the show at CES 2016, virtual reality needs to find its killer app fast.

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