David Bolton

ARC Writer

Dave Bolton is a writer for Applause. Dave is a journalist and blogger who moved to Massachusetts from London in 2009. He has written local news for AOL, video gaming for Bostinno and was a Senior Tech Writer at Boston-based Brafton Media. His published work has focused on the digital world, with regular detours into political science and sports.


Digital Trends

Merely Competent Mobile Games Are Not Good Enough Anymore

"90% of everything is merely competent. That is not good enough anymore.”

Digital Trends

Amazon Opens Up Alexa’s Conversational AI To Developers

Building a chatbot just got simpler, thanks to the heavy lifting AI capabilities of Amazon Lex.

UX Corner

Companies Should Use Their Digital IQ To Enhance The Customer Experience

Companies that don't pay attention to the human element will not succeed in digital transformation.

Digital Trends

The Majority Of People Are Still Confused About Cybersecurity

The constant drip-feed of cybersecurity scare stories has not translated into public awareness.

Digital Trends

Only 26% Of Industrial Companies Have A Digital Transformation Strategy

The Industrial Internet of Things demands that companies make their digital transformation a priority. But most prefer to take the wait-and-see approach.

UX Corner

Why Personalization Is Imperative For Brands To Meet Customer Expectations

Customers expect their digital experience to be seamless and personalized. Companies that don't focus on the human aspect will lose out.

Digital Trends

7 Out Of 10 Digital Media Minutes Are Spent In Mobile

Mobile first is fast becoming mobile only, especially when it comes to consuming digital media.

UX Corner

How Quick Service Restaurants Need To Adopt Technology To Support Customer Experience

Quick service restaurants exist to provide their customers with fast food. The digital economy has upped the stakes.

UX Corner

70% Of Retailers Will Use The Internet Of Things To Improve Customer Experience

The Internet of Things will add a new dimension to the overall shopping experience.

QA Lounge

Security Testing Should Be The Highest Priority For The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things will become part of everyday working practices. The challenge is to make sure that security testing plays a role.

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