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Dan Rowinski

ARC Editor-in-Chief

Dan Rowinski is the Editor-in-Chief at ARC. Prior to founding the magazine, Dan was the senior writer and mobile editor at ReadWrite.com for four years. Among his many publishing credentials, Dan’s work has appeared in the Boston Globe and Government Computer News. Dan has been a sports reporter covering the NHL and MLB beats and is a trained chef.


Digital Trends

How 3 Smart Home Companies Define Digital Experience

Digital experience is more than just how a person taps on an app. It is the guiding light of how companies make product decisions in a new age.

Digital Trends

Product Research Is The Most Important Aspect Of Digital Experience

How do you define digital experience? Turns out, that is a more difficult question than you might think.

UX Corner

How Retailers Are Failing The Mobile In-Store Shopping Experience

The mobile shopping experience is woeful for most consumers.

Digital Trends

Smart Refrigerators Prove The Next Era Of Digital Experience Has Arrived

The LG InstaView fridge is more than just a fridge. It is the proof of concept of a coming era of technology.

Digital Trends

The Liquid Workforce Will Dominate 2017—And Other Tech Predictions

2017 predictions for the technology and innovation economies.

UX Corner

Step-by-Step Guide To Building Facebook Messenger Bots

Bots for the Facebook Messenger Platform are fairly easy to build.

UX Corner

How Google’s Project Fi Fixes The International Data Nightmare

I toured southern Europe with Google's Project Fi, the best international cellular data plan on the market. Here's how it went.

Digital Trends

Why Progressive Web Apps Are The Future Of Web Development

Application Shell Architecture and Service Workers will combine to create progressive Web apps that outperform hybrid apps.

Digital Trends

JavaScript Is Eating The World

JavaScript has always been dominant in browsers. Now its working its way into servers and native apps.

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