Dan Rowinski

ARC Editor-in-Chief

Dan Rowinski is the Editor-in-Chief at ARC. Prior to founding the magazine, Dan was the senior writer and mobile editor at ReadWrite.com for four years. Among his many publishing credentials, Dan’s work has appeared in the Boston Globe and Government Computer News. Dan has been a sports reporter covering the NHL and MLB beats and is a trained chef.


UX Corner

What Banks Need To Know To Optimize The Omnichannel Experience

Banks need to optimize towards the omnichannel to provide better digital experience to customers always on the go.

UX Corner

How Building Digital Channels Improves Customer Experience For Retail Banks

Retail banks must accelerate adoption of digital channels or risk consumers leaving them behind for financial technology upstarts.

Digital Trends

Commerce In Bots Has Become Just Another Part Of The Stack

Conversational commerce through bots is in its infancy. Will it become the dominant form of ecommerce or just another part of the

Digital Trends

How One Greek Company Has Perfected The Ecommerce Model In Emerging Markets

Athens-based Upstream ecommerce platform provides a model for connecting carriers, brands and consumers across the world.

Digital Trends

Digital Commerce Continues To Accelerate Its Percentage Of Retail Sales

Retailers hoping ecommerce would stall are going to be left holding the bag.

UX Corner

App Store Optimization 101: Best Practices For App Discovery

The basics for app store optimization including app titles and keywords that will help your app get discovered.

UX Corner

Why Americans Don’t Understand The European Startup Scene

Americans disparage and ultimately do not understand the European startup ecosystem. But that doesn't mean it isn't a growing global force.

Digital Trends

How Artificial Intelligence Will Invade Retail … Eventually

Artificial intelligence will be a problem solver for most of what ails retailers today.

UX Corner

Retailer's Biggest Obstacle To Personalization Is Payments

Retail personalization is the goal for merchants. But retailers are not equipped with the tools to do personalization effectively.

Digital Trends

How Visa Will Use The Internet Of Things To Help Displace Cash

Visa Ready is a program that can help turn every Internet of Things device into a payments device.

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