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Digital Trends

What traditional French banks can learn from the Fintechs

Find out what traditional banks can learn from the digital strategies put in place by Fintechs to improve their own products.

Company Announcements

DigitalXChange ‘18 Comes to Boston for Second Annual Event

DigitalXChange is the annual event that brings together the top minds in tech to share and learn about key topics impacting digital quality.

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UX Corner

What Mobile Users Expect from Mobile Apps

The better a mobile app satisfies user expectations, the higher they set the bar. Therefore fulfilling mobile users’ expectations is an ongoing process.

Digital Trends

10 Years Later: Predicting the Next Generation of the App Store

Apple’s release of the App Store was truly a turning point in mobile. A similar appreciation will be shown for Amazon’s Alexa someday.

Digital Trends

Why Retail Brands are Not Just Products Anymore, but Living Experiences

Retailers are competing with the best experience a customer has ever had. This is why everyone is talking about the customer experience and its relevance.

QA Lounge

How the E-Commerce Company Locamo Addresses Existing Challenges in Product Development

Especially from the QA perspective, the variety of different devices, systems and versions can be a real challenge.

QA Lounge

Steps to Maturing Test Automation within a Deployment Pipeline

Speed kills, but that holds true in a variety of ways when it comes to test automation. It is true that automation can significantly increase the speed at which you are testing and help you expand your code coverage. It is also true that by trying to automate too much (or the wrong things) too fast, you can set yourself back a long way.

UX Corner

Make Your Mark on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

For 15% of people, tasks like reading websites and scrolling on mobile apps are difficult because digital properties aren’t built with disabled users in mind.

Digital Trends

Why Experimentation and Lean Startup are the Key to a Successful Product

The faster you learn, the faster you will achieve success with your product.

QA Lounge

How to Conquer Local Markets as a Digital Startup

Localization describes the process of making websites and apps available for the international market, but catering to the local user.

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