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Company Announcements

Applause Recognized for Commitment to Community

Applause’s active participation in United Way charity initiatives throughout 2017 earned it the Good Neighbor Award.

UX Corner

Bringing the Golden Rule of Retail into an Omnichannel World

Advances in technology and increasing demand for omnichannel experiences are forcing retailers to rethink their customer experience strategies.

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Company Announcements

Forrester's Keys to Achieving Customer-Obsession with Agile and DevOps

At a time when consumer trust is low, brands should embrace Agile and DevOps to become customer obsessed.

QA Lounge

Testing on the Right Devices

One of the challenges each mobile development team has to solve is identifying the right devices to use for development and testing.

QA Lounge

Why is "In-The-Wild" testing essential?

Find out why the testing results of the internal QA lab are sometimes misleading.

QA Lounge

Getting Started on Automation with Applause

The creation of a robust and stable automation framework for mobile application testing starts with downloading the device interaction library.

QA Lounge

4 Steps to Create Great Test Cases

Create great test cases by following these four steps.

QA Lounge

How Crowdtesting Helps to Ensure a Smooth Digital Experience for E-Commerce Products

E-commerce sites have to ask themselves a few questions in order to improve the customer experience.

QA Lounge

The Proper Role of Test Automation

By finding the right balance between manual and automated testing, you can maximize your investment in test automation.

Digital Trends

What Does “The New Normal” of Retail Look Like?

The advances in technology and a strong focus on omnichannel have created a new era in retail. These changes should be expected to continue as “The New Normal."

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