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QA Lounge

Swisscom Uses Agile Development And Crowdtesting To Deliver Quality Software

Swisscom, Switzerland's largest telecom, uses agile development and a crowdtesting model to constantly give consumers quality software updates.

Digital Trends

Ransomware Is Now The Dominant Cyberthreat To Corporate America

Ransomware is the dominant player in the cyber threat landscape.

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UX Corner

Amazon Finally Lets Alexa Speak German And The Queen’s English

The Alexa Voice Service for the Amazon Echo is available in the UK and Germany.

UX Corner

How Gadget Makers Approach Digital Experience

Gadgets are the edifice upon which technological innovation is based. But how do gadget makers determine the digital experience of their products?

Digital Trends

Second Brain: The Difference Between My Digital And Physical Self

Our core humanity is increasingly defined by the digital self.

QA Lounge

There Is An Increasing Rate Of Lawsuits Over Digital Accessibility

The barriers to inclusion are moving. Slowly.

Digital Trends

Passport Perfects Mobile Payments With Crowdtesting On Location

Learn how Passport uses Applause to test mobile payment apps for parking, transit, citations and permits.

Digital Trends

How 3 Smart Home Companies Define Digital Experience

Digital experience is more than just how a person taps on an app. It is the guiding light of how companies make product decisions in a new age.

Digital Trends

61% Of People Access Mobile Banking On A Regular Basis

Mobile banking continues the customer migration away from traditional bank branches.

UX Corner

5 Most Common Reasons Mobile Shoppers Abandon Their Shopping Carts

Mobile shopping has made browsing for products easier, but it just as simple to walk away before paying.

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