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QA Lounge

How Crowdsourced Functional Testing Helps Shutterfly Innovate Faster

See how custom photo publisher Shutterfly uses crowdsourced functional testing to release updates to its app daily.

UX Corner

How Apps And Websites Can Make Sure They Comply With Accessibility Guidelines

Web and mobile accessibility guidelines may be on the back burner for the U.S. government, but companies should act now to ensure compliance.

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Digital Trends

Amazon Dash Buttons Represent The Height Of Seamless Shopping

Amazon now has virtual dash buttons to make millions of products a one-press purchase.

QA Lounge

$1.1 Trillion In Assets Were Impacted By Software Failures In 2016

Companies that don't undertake rigorous software testing before launch only have themselves to blame when it fails.

UX Corner

How Retailers Are Failing The Mobile In-Store Shopping Experience

The mobile shopping experience is woeful for most consumers.

Digital Trends

2017 Will Be A Year Of Continual Challenges For Virtual Reality

The star of the show at CES 2016, virtual reality needs to find its killer app fast.

Digital Trends

Even With Slowing Growth, Time Spent In Apps Increased 69% In 2016

The apps economy continues to grow but mobile app usage is slowing down.

Digital Trends

Finally, There Are No More Android 2.2 Froyo Devices In The Wild

Marshmallow increases its share of Android distribution as Froyo succumbs to the inevitable.

QA Lounge

How Good User Personalization Stems From Quality Design Choices

Machine learning is useful, but good design is where personalization starts.

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