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QA Lounge

Why Dailymotion Used Crowdtesting To Improve Video Streaming Across Multiple Markets And Devices

People now expect a seamless video streaming experience. Crowdtesting helps deliver that experience, irrespective of device.

UX Corner

Companies Should Use Their Digital IQ To Enhance The Customer Experience

Companies that don't pay attention to the human element will not succeed in digital transformation.

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Digital Trends

How One Greek Company Has Perfected The Ecommerce Model In Emerging Markets

Athens-based Upstream ecommerce platform provides a model for connecting carriers, brands and consumers across the world.

UX Corner

How BMW Leverages Crowd to Test In-car Apps in Older Vehicles

BMW prides itself on giving people the ultimate driving experience. Crowdtesting allows BMW to make the experience even better.

Digital Trends

The Majority Of People Are Still Confused About Cybersecurity

The constant drip-feed of cybersecurity scare stories has not translated into public awareness.

Digital Trends

Digital Commerce Continues To Accelerate Its Percentage Of Retail Sales

Retailers hoping ecommerce would stall are going to be left holding the bag.

Digital Trends

Only 26% Of Industrial Companies Have A Digital Transformation Strategy

The Industrial Internet of Things demands that companies make their digital transformation a priority. But most prefer to take the wait-and-see approach.

UX Corner

App Store Optimization 101: Best Practices For App Discovery

The basics for app store optimization including app titles and keywords that will help your app get discovered.

QA Lounge

How Provides A Customized Experience For Every House Hunter

Searching for the perfect house can be stressful and time consuming. Digital real estate can alleviate the worry.

UX Corner

Why Personalization Is Imperative For Brands To Meet Customer Expectations

Customers expect their digital experience to be seamless and personalized. Companies that don't focus on the human aspect will lose out.

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