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Digital Trends

Smartphone Owners Use At Least Nine Different Apps Every Day

Daily app usage shows no signs of slowing down as apps continue to run our lives.

UX Corner

What Banks Need To Know To Optimize The Omnichannel Experience

Banks need to optimize towards the omnichannel to provide better digital experience to customers always on the go.

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Digital Trends

79% Of U.S. Consumers Already Own A Smart Home Device

Mass adoption of the Internet of Things has been slow to date, but at least people seem to know what a smart device is.

UX Corner

How Building Digital Channels Improves Customer Experience For Retail Banks

Retail banks must accelerate adoption of digital channels or risk consumers leaving them behind for financial technology upstarts.

Digital Trends

Consumer App Spend Grew 45% In The First Quarter Of 2017

The runaway success of the mobile app economy shows no sign of slowing down.

QA Lounge

How Crowdtesting Allowed WatchDox To Evolve Its Document Management Platform

Document security platform WatchDox's need for speed led to a long-term crowdtesting partnership.

UX Corner

Why Localization Is Crucial For Brands To Build A Global Advantage

Localization testing is crucial for any brand that wants to create a global customer experience.

Digital Trends

Merely Competent Mobile Games Are Not Good Enough Anymore

"90% of everything is merely competent. That is not good enough anymore.”

Digital Trends

Amazon Opens Up Alexa’s Conversational AI To Developers

Building a chatbot just got simpler, thanks to the heavy lifting AI capabilities of Amazon Lex.

Digital Trends

Commerce In Bots Has Become Just Another Part Of The Stack

Conversational commerce through bots is in its infancy. Will it become the dominant form of ecommerce or just another part of the

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