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Digital Trends

For The Battered Retail Industry, Machine Learning Has To Be About Sales

"We are ultimately trying to sell more. I think that is the beauty of retail in that the motive is very simple."

QA Lounge

How Nolte Worldwide Uses Crowdsourcing To Deliver Quality Digital Products

A quality digital product can be enhanced by leveraging the input of crowdsourced testers in-the-wild.

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UX Corner

How Language Led To The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Well, we kind of have 10-times more computation...

QA Lounge

10 Places To Find Testing And QA Meetups In Europe

Perhaps a different definition of crowdtesting.

Digital Trends

10 Of The Best Blogs For Product Management

Get to know the product management community with a list of 10 of the best blogs for product management.

UX Corner

5 Ways Product Managers Can Use Crowdsourcing Effectively

Crowdsourcing can be a scalable and cost efficient way to make product decisions and improve quality.

QA Lounge

88% Of People Will Abandon An App Because Of Bugs

Bugs are an occupational hazard in the app economy but companies who don't test properly run the risk of app abandonment.

Digital Trends

Why Oomnitza Relies On Crowdsourced Security Testing To Protect Clients' Data

Web vulnerabilities make it even more important that customer data is safe and secure. White hat security testing can provide that assurance.

Digital Trends

The Future Of Voice Will Be Contextual Conversations And Interactive Experiences

It’s not about the technology, it’s about user experience and design.

UX Corner

Digital Disappointment: What Companies Must Be Aware Of In The Digital Economy

The inevitable march towards digital customer experience can have pitfalls for the unwary traveller.

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