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Automation Quick Start

Automated Build Verification Test (BVT) In 6 Weeks

The Applause Quick Start gets your environment and team set up to enjoy the benefits of an enterprise-grade automation solution. To achieve all of the objectives within the 6 week timespan, it’s critical to have timely participation, communication, and feedback from your team.  Please familiarize yourself with the content on this page, and provide all the necessary pre-workshop information to Applause prior to your kickoff meeting.

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1. Quick Start Timeline

The Quick Start consists of six 1-week sprints covering the following:

  • Kickoff Meeting to introduce teams and discuss objectives
  • Set up infrastructure (e.g. CI, Repo, Framework) necessary for the workshop
  • Workshop to walk through application architecture, review testability, set backlog, and perform a live coding session
  • Ongoing creation, support, and execution of BVT suite test scripts
  • Development of a Go-Forward plan covering strategy and responsibilities post-Quick Start
  • Training for your team on how to maintain the solution and add additional scripts


Quick Start Timeline Chart

2. Workshop Customer Prerequisites

At least 1 week prior to the workshop, Applause will need the following information from you:

  • Access to Test Environments and Interfaces
    • Build location where Applause can pick up new builds
    • Define expected build release cadence
    • Define testing environment (e.g. staging, production, preview)
    • Up-to-date verison of Build or Web access (.ipa w/ dev cert, .apk, URL)
    • Credentials for testing above interfaces (must be accessible from remote locations and by multiple people/scripts)
  • List of prioritized top use cases that represent BVT cases
  • Identify browser/device usage statistics (i.e. top environments to test on)

More detailed information can be found in the downloadable onboarding document below.

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3. Workshop Agenda

Prior to the workshop, Applause will set up the required infrastructure (CI, Repo, Framework, etc..) and conduct a testability assessment of your application.  For the workshop to remain on schedule and be productive, we will need the items outlined in the Workshop Customer Prerequisites.

The following items will be conducted during the workshop:

  • Customer to provide a walkthrough of application high-level architecture
    • Highlighting data flows, debug settings, available APIs, 3rd party and backend services
    • Review key user configurations
  • Review application testability assessment
  • Review current automation backlog and plan
  • Conduct live coding and training sessions
    • Automate, configure, and execute one of the defined scenarios

4. Quick Start Deliverables

Upon the conclusion of the Quick Start the following items will have been completed:

  • Device lab, code repository, reporting dashboard, and automation framework installed and integrated with your CI
  • An automated Build Verification Test (BVT) Suite being executed on devices/browsers from CI and extensible by Applause and/or your team
  • Your team trained on how to build, maintain, and execute automation utilizing the solution
  • A comprehensive Go-Forward strategy based on your unique needs that covers how the solution should be grown, maintained, and utilized for optimal ROI

5. Go-Forward Strategy

The Go-Forward plan, developed by Applause with your input during the Quick Start, will include 1 of 3 post-Quick Start routes:

  1. Subscription to the Applause Framework + Advisory Services
    • Your team owns the growth and maintenance of the solution with support and guidance from Applause
    • Includes subscription to the framework, reporting dashboard, developer portal access, device lab execution hours, and Applause expert support hours (for advice, training, etc.)
  2. Subscription to the Applause Framework + Co-development with Applause
    • Applause and your team will work together to grow and maintain the solution
    • Includes everything in the first package plus Applause engineering hours for new script development and maintenance, and Applause PM and Lead SDET coordination with your team
  3. Full Service “White Glove” Solution
    • Applause handles all aspects of solution growth, monitoring, and maintenance
    • Includes additional engineering and support hours necessary for Applause to manage 100% of the solution


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