Applause Labs

An innovation engine focused on the rapid development and iteration of ideas, Applause Labs brings next-generation testing concepts to life.

What is Applause Labs?

Building on a history of innovation.

Why does the digital vanguard — next-generation companies like Google, Airbnb and Ebay — turn to Applause for their testing? Because we deliver value and innovation in ways no other company can.

Companies like these are why we created Applause Labs. Those that want to use next-generation testing solutions and be on the cutting edge of technology. Housing our R&D and new initiatives, Applause Labs focuses on exploration and delivering new concepts in testing.

Applause Quality Score

Applause Labs brings the testing industry’s most innovative concepts to life. The first project to come out of Applause Labs, the Applause Quality Score (AQS) enables you to measure and track the quality you are achieving build-over-build through a simple, clean interface.