Applause Helps American Red Cross Become Digital Leader In Emergency Preparedness

Applause works to ensure Red Cross mobile apps and training website work where and when people need them most.

Boston, Massachusetts - March 29, 2016

Applause, the global leader in testing, feedback and research for digital experiences, today announced that it has extended its partnership with the American Red Cross, to ensure that their full suite of highly rated mobile apps and now their ‘Take a Class’ section of their signature public website,, are reliable when people need vital information.

The Red Cross is widely known as a disaster relief and training agency. What people may not know is that they are also digital innovators, with a highly-rated website and collection of mobile apps that expand their capacity and efficiencies in providing services.

“Working with Applause is one important way that we are innovating to make sure that the Red Cross continues to be the standard bearer for serving people in need and those who want to help them,” said Dominick Tolli, Vice President, Product Management and Development at the Red Cross. “Whether they are receiving a warning about a pending disaster or registering for training, people who use our mobile apps and website expect a glitch-free experience that works as they want and need it to.”

“For us, working with the Red Cross is about more than helping them provide great apps,” said Applause CEO Doron Reuveni. “More and more, people are looking for what they need in this world through digital interaction. And when people are engaging with the Red Cross, they’re looking for instruction, asking for help or trying to offer help. Making that experience better – an experience that can save lives – is the ultimate validation of our in-the-wild testing approach to make sure apps and websites work in the real world.”

Through this partnership, the Red Cross has access to testers from Applause’s community of 200,000+ professional software testers in 200+ countries and territories. Applause provides multiple types of testing for the Red Cross, including functional testing of mobile apps and customized usability testing for course registration, general usability and check-out processes for the ‘Take a Class’ section of their website. Applause also runs vital load testing for the Red Cross, which has helped ensure Red Cross apps are able to handle the increased usage that comes when providing relief to scores of people dealing with natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. The organization’s signature First Aid App has undergone thorough testing (both functional and usability) to make sure that it is easy to understand, even if a person has not had Red Cross training.

Through its First Aid and emergency preparedness apps, the Red Cross is able to reach millions of people who otherwise may not be prepared to deal with emergencies or able to take advantage of their services. The award-winning apps have been used to save lives by alerting people that they need to take cover in a safe place due to severe weather conditions. The expert advice in the First Aid App has been used by people who have been in situations where someone was bleeding, choking, having a heart attack and experiencing a seizure. Applause currently tests Red Cross digital apps using 250 testers in the U.S., Caribbean and other international locations where the organization operates.

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